Trimming Terms of Service

Please read the below to understand how I deliver my services. If you are considering employing me to work for you please ensure you can commit to this ethos.

Our promise to you

To arrive for your appointment; due to traffic, the nature of the job and the animals I have myself I may not always be on time, but I will always arrive and will keep you updated on the day. Cancellations will be given with as much notice as possible.

To do our best for you and your equine; I have made significant investment to enable me to provide you with a professional and knowledgeable service. I continually update my knowledge to ensure the service provision does not decrease and new options can be added to the service.

To admit errors or unknowns; if I make a mistake or something is not as you expect I will address it. If I don’t know the answer to a question I will state as such and endeavor to find out.

To keep your equine safe and healthy; I do not work at yards were there are known transmissible infections, thus removing the risk of introducing infection.

To care for your equine; I will care for your equine’s hooves as if they were my own. I will work with your vet or equine body worker as appropriate.  I will suggest any additional support (dietary, physical therapy etc.) I consider may be helpful.

To be honest about my health; I inform you of any illness so appropriate arrangements can be made.

Client ethos to allow me to do my job for them

Provide a safe, clean, dry and well light working environment; mud and water wreck the tools and make legs, hooves, my hands/tools and the floor slippery. Poor light makes it hard to see properly. Being around an equine’s legs can be dangerous, please ensure there is plenty of space and no obvious hazards.

Ensure dogs are kept away; ensure dogs are not wandering around when I am working, especially under the equine.

Pay attention during the appointment; it makes it safer for me if you are aware of the equine’s mood and any changes in the environment.

Provide honest information about the equine; be honest about your equine’s behaviour and character. This allows me to stay safe and do the best I can for you. Tell me any changes between appointments (such as injury) and any infections that arise.

Rearrange appointments with plenty of notice; provide at least 36 hours notice of rearrangement needs. Less notice incurs the full appointment fee. I am happy to trim most equines without you present so this can be discussed.

Practice between appointments; if your equine struggles with trimming please practice between appointments. If they can learn to stand calmly without eating it is ideal. Please discuss specific issues with me.

Stick to your schedule; my schedules are a maximum of six weeks depending on the equine’s needs. For the welfare of your equine and to allow me to do my best for you, I will not routinely trim equines on longer rotations.

Provide honest information about your health; tell me about any infectious illness so appropriate arrangements can be made.