Rehabilitation / Training Livery

24 hour care alongside our herd. Rehabilitation needs catered for. Any training requirements can be built into the stay.

We provide a 5 star home from home livery service; rehabilitation packages & specific training needs are available.

Your horse will be cared for alongside our own herd, living on our track system.

Rehabilitation; if your equine needs round the clock care, very frequent hoof care or therapy it could be beneficial for her to stay with us for a period of time. This is something we can discuss & packages are developed with your equine’s health recovery the goal. This could accelerate your horse’s healing.

Training; for restarting & some problem solving, or simply consistent development it can be beneficial for the horse to stay with us. This allows us to work with her regularly & for varied time periods. Packages vary & we do not set specific timescales that a horse has to stay with us to reach a point in her education; all training is delivered at the horse’s pace.

You will need to complete a client information sheet, we will visit you prior to the booking & we encourage you to visit us in advance of your horse’s stay.

Forage must be provided for the first 24 hours to help her gut adapt to our supply & any hard feed must be provided for the stay duration.

Your horse must be wormed on arrival or you must provide evidence of a clear worm count taken within days of her arriving.

Minimum livery period applies. Price is dependent on equine’s needs & does not include vet fees.