Trailer Loading

Confident & consistent loading. Whether new to travelling or struggles to load. We will ensure calm & safe behaviour within the transport. Trailer can be provided if necessary.

Trailers are scary places; horses learn to tolerate or accept loading and travelling but it can be a problem for lots of people. Even if you do not have plans to travel anywhere with your horse or even have access to transport, loading is an important part of your skill set. It builds the trust between you and your horse, improves many other aspects of behaviour and confidence & can be made fun for the horse.

We can improve your communication for trailer loading & help your horse to realise it is not something to be afraid of, creating consistency, calmness & trust during loading. Part of our approach teaches your horse to go into the trailer on her own – this is safer for you aswell. You can see our approach in practice on the image above – calmly & easily loading two horses alone. Even if you don’t have access to transport we can help.

Why bother you might think – I never go anywhere. We reply that there is always a risk your horse will need to travel to the vet in an emergency. If she doesn’t load what would you do?

Our loading guidance

Don’t wait until you’re already running late;
Don’t take the horse up to a trailer & discover she won’t go inside;
Don’t ask her to try if she’s trying;
When she goes into the trailer don’t shut the door as quickly as you can.

Two horse trailer loading demo 2017