The correct equipment allows positive communication

Equipment is an all encompassing term & anything that is used in the wrong way can cause a breakdown in communication.

Bit or no bit, saddled or bareback, shoes or no shoes; if the communication is working the equipment is likely suitable, if not however, we believe it is wrong to blame, & change, the equipment. This is not a long term solution.

We will always try to understand what the horse is trying to show us. For example, if your horse’s brakes are not very good, why is this? Is it because the bit is not strong enough or is it much more complex than this?

We use a variety of equipment when working with horses, & do not use the same items with every horse. Some horses need a short rope, some a long rope & therefore more space, for example.

We can usually work with you, using your current equipment & we may suggest, & try, some alternatives; we will always try to understand the reason for any issues first.

With equipment it is important to keep an open mind & be willing to change what you are using, or how you are using it, if this is the way to move forward positively.

There are however, some pieces of equipment we will not use.