Hoof Protection

Sometimes hooves need support & protection; this does not mean they need metal shoes.

Domestic horses often need hoof support to be successfully barefoot. The difference between hoof protection & metal / nailed on shoes is significant. Hoof protection allows the hoof to grow as it needs to, flex & have adequate circulation & shock absorption. It comes in many forms, & is extremely adaptable & interchangeable; the goal is to support the hoof, through transition, injury or stress allowing it to adapt & recover.

Sometimes protection needs to be long term; for example a horse diagnosed with navicular issues may need support for months until the back of the foot recovers, or a laminitic pony may have lost ability to grow strong sole so may need boots to keep her comfortable. Sometimes it is just needed for a short time such as glue on shoes for an endurance ride or boots when a horse is transitioning from metal shoes or has an abscess.

Boots, bespoke pads, paint on hoof protection or combinations thereof are possible. Imagination is often the key to finding something that works for your horse.

There are times when a hoof may need a metal shoe, such as when the hoof capsule needs to stay in a fixed position following a fracture; we never say never to what the hoof needs.

We look forward to creating a combination of support for your horse.