Equestrian Services

Young or old, big or small, we can work with you to discover your horse's potential whilst having fun!

Whether you have a problem that needs solving, would like a different perspective on something you are doing, want to teach your horse something new, need to overcome confidence worries for yourself or your horse, or simply need peace of mind when you are away, we can help.

We provide a mobile training & development service, visiting your horse in her own home, to deliver the results you need. Rather than covering up problems for them to re-emerge later, instead we invest the time necessary to ensure that you can continue forwards in your development together.

We train & teach for longevity, both physical & mental. We are committed to giving horses the foundation and skills they need to be successful, regardless of their age when we start working with them.

Our approach is especially successful with horses who are excitable, playful, sensitive, reactive, nervous, damaged, ‘green’, highly spirited or dull. We work well with horses who are difficult or struggling with their current situation.

All ages, sizes or sex of horse, at any stage of their development, in any equestrian discipline are welcome. We have experience with many breeds, including Iberians, Natives, Warmbloods, Arabs & good old mixtures. With over 28 years of experience with horses we have a wide base of knowledge to draw from & deliver results with any horse; the breed & character of the horse influences our approach & the direction of initial training.

A holiday livery or training livery service is available, as is holiday care in your horse’s home should it be required.

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