Whole Horse (Rehab)

Specialising in hoof & health recovery for your horse

If you have ever been ill you will know it is important to do more than just take medication to get better – you have to take care of the whole body. It is just as important to give the equine as much help as she needs to return to an acceptable level of comfort following illness or injury. This is the idea behind our new service package. We provide equine swimming, red light therapy, accupressure, fitness support & nutritional advice as well as access to a fantastic osteopath. Our training methods also support mental rehabilitation for equine & owner.

Providing a barefoot trimming service, many clients come to us for hoof problems, however, the foot is often the symptom of a problem elsewhere, & can also cause other problems in the body. This is why we have meshed the hoof & whole horse rehabilitation in our service provision.

These services can be accessed by healthy horses too & we are happy to support all rehabilitation; you don’t have to have have hoof problems! For example swimming can be beneficial for weight loss & relieving stiffness linked to laminitis & heel pain of navicular syndrome but also for a horse who has had an operation on her stifle & is coming back into work. Red light (photonic) therapy can help to relieve the pain & discomfort of a hoof abscess but also address deep mental & fear issues which are preventing a horse from moving on in their training.

We are excited to be able to offer these services & look forward to meeting you & your equines.

*horse is interchangeable for equine. We can help horses of all sizes, ponies. donkeys & mules.