Hoof (Rehab)

Specialising in hoof & health recovery for your horse


During this uncertain & confusing time I want to let you know I am still committed to the care of your horses. I request we keep an open communication regarding mine & your health situation. If you are unwell or have reason to be concerned regarding exposure to Covid-19 please let me know. I will do likewise. If you have access to running water I will have soap & a towel with me, as well as hand sanitiser.

-I am still trimming & will be keeping our appointments. If you prefer not to be there I am happy to trim in your absence. I request that all trims be outside & there is no reason for us to be closer than 6 feet. If the weather is very wet we can rearrange. Things we do together, such as Hoof Amour, I can do alone.

– It is important to try & keep your horses on the current schedules – especially those with hooves we are working to ‘fix’. An extra couple of weeks can mean that we lose a lot of the progress to date. This is especially important for laminitic / foundered feet as unfortunately this can be the hardest time of year to keep them heading towards healing.

– Financially there is concern for many of us – please do not cancel your appointment due to finances. Please speak to me first as your horse’s welfare is a priority for me.

– If you are working with your horse to help them understand hoof care better please keep this up – I am unable to trim difficult horses at the moment as this increases the risk of me needing emergency healthcare which is not appropriate at this time.

– I will still respond to emergencies such as abscesses, laminitis or hoof injuries for new & existing clients.

The swimming pool is now open, so bookings can currently be taken.

Please feel free to call or message me with any concerns or queries. If you need a quick response please call – 07786 926874. Take care, stay well & enjoy your horse’s company


We provide an equine* barefoot trimming service; fully certified & insured with over six years experience. From trimming sound equines, transitions out of metal shoes to rehabilitation of damaged & poorly feet we are happy to consult & work with you. We use various hoof protection methods where appropriate (boots, glue on shoes, casts etc) & your trimming schedule & support is bespoke for you.

Laminitis, abscesses, navicular problems, hoof injuries & more strike fear into horse owners. If you already have a problem we can help. Prevention is always the best approach so we can help with this too. If you think you have exhausted all options for your equine please speak to us.

Our own horses have always been barefoot & we firmly believe this is in the best interests of the equine & their health. However, we never say never to any hoof support that will be beneficial in the long term.

Your first consultation with us will take as much as possible into consideration; past or current hoof concerns & health, dietary review, exercise regime, xrays or other bodywork reports; basically the whole health of your horse.

We look forward to working with you & your hooves!

*horse is interchangeable for equine. We can help horses of all sizes, ponies. donkeys & mules.