Training & Development

Any training, re-training or development needs - ridden, groundwork or handling. Confidence development for human & horse. Mobile service - we come to your horse.

Problem solving, fear, confidence, behavioural issues, saddling, vet visits, clipping etc. We work with horses & their owners to address specific difficulties they are having & give them the skills to prevent others developing. On a one to one basis, working at the pace the horse needs, we aim to determine the root cause of the issues & create a long term change.

If you don’t have any problems we can work with you to develop a different way of being with your horse, ensuring you are both reaching your potential & having fun together.

We can back horses for the first time, ensuring their experiences are good ones & giving them a solid foundation for any discipline. This includes riding & driving. We can also re-start horses who have had a rough time or simply a vacation from work.

If you, or your horse, have confidence issues our approach will allow you to overcome this & put the fun back into your time with your horse. We will not judge you for any worries you have & will work at the pace you need.

You will need to complete a client information sheet prior to the first session & we will discuss your initial needs prior to this visit. If appropriate to our work with you we will develop a progress plan & diary record for you so you can keep track of how far you develop with your horse.