How do we work?

We aim to develop confidence, safety and trust, for horses and humans, resulting in happiness and fun.

We work with horses and their owners to address specific difficulties you are having and show you how to prevent others developing. On a one to one basis we aim to determine the root cause of the issues and develop results in a timescale suitable for the horse which will be long lasting. If you don’t have any problems we can work with you to develop a different way of being with your horse. We can help with a specific problem or concern you have or a longer term approach. We can do an initial brief consultation over the ‘phone or by email / facebook message. This allows us to put a simple plan in place for you.The initial visit will involve discussing your day to day interactions with your horse and what your goal is, along with finding out the things which are not working for you when you are together and identifying a plan. We will start a diary for you, so you can track your progress.